Loud neighbor

Ever since we moved in on base (fort bliss) we’ve been having problem after problem with our neighbor. His dog would jump into our backyard (which I didn’t mind) until it started attacking my puppy. It took me over a dozen times telling him and his wife about it before they did something. I even told housing multiple times and the problem was finally fixed. Now the husband is in the military and he is constantly smoking weed outside with his friends or by himself. I’m pregnant and the smell bothers me especially when it’s vey strong. It sucks even more because he’s not supposed to be doing drugs 🙄 so I left a anonymous note asking him to please smoke inside since kids play outside and the smell travels far. (Not once did I go to the MPs about it.. doubt they would even do anything) he sill continues to smoke outside and close to our house. Another issue is he is always having friends over and throwing parties with loud music... we will call the MPs since housing isn’t open that late and the MPs always come and make them turn it down but then they turn it right back up when they leave. there has been a few times where him and his friends cars have blocked our driveways! Completely blocking us from driving out. The most recent problem is him reving his engine early in the morning and late at night anywhere from 5-20 minutes. Like I said I’m pregnant and haven’t been sleeping much due to severe morning sickness and going back and forth from the hospital. So every bit of sleep I get helps. If I contact housing about it will they do something? What about the MPs?