This is not the end.

So my husband and I have been going through it for the last 6months plus. I ending up moving my son and I back in with my mom for about 3wks we set up our own custody for our son and we getting ready to file for a divorce. We have been married for 7.5 yrs and have been together for 9. Well, I've been home for 2wks now and things are going great. The first 3days home we got into a huge fight and I was packing my stuff to leave. He comes to me the next morning and breaks down telling me he wants me to be his wife, he loves me and can't see his life without me. Now, things have been going amazing. I truly couldn't ask for more. Coming to a realization that we are the same team and not enemies. We both are VERY competitive people and want to win. I just have to brag because I'm so over the moon and in love with my SO. I was in love b4 but at times we couldn't seem to come to a common ground. The honeymoon stage is back again and I'm fighting to keep it that way. So a word of encouragement for anyone going through it with your husband. Try to fight it out because things may and can end up changing.. Too bad I'm on my cycle right now because after this post I want to have at it right now. 🤣🤣🤣