Grandparents Visitation Rights? (long post, family drama)


My mother and I always had a very turbulent relationship, which eventually culminated in her kicking me out of the house on her husband's wishes when she lost child support. At the time, I couldn't afford to live on my own and had to move in with my dad, where I couldn't have my dog. She agreed to keep her for me until I found a new arrangement (I was still covering the cost of her needs), but throughout this time, she constantly made threats to take my dog to the shelter if I didn't do something with her. Long story short, I found my dog a new home, let myself in with my house key, took my dog, and left the key. She responded by suing me for breaking & entering, as well as for custody of my dog, which she claimed I stole. The court ruled in my favor and I ended up getting to keep my dog, in the end, so it worked out okay. But this obviously destroyed our already rocky relationship. I didn't hear from her for 7 years, when she got a hold of me through fb messenger because she'd heard I was getting married and suddenly wanted to be a part of my life again (no apologies). I kept things cordial and informed her that the wedding would be in FL, not IN where we live, subtlety telling her she couldn't come without actually telling her outright. Naturally, this wasn't the answer she wanted, and she disappeared from my life as quickly as she'd returned. It's now been 9 years since I last saw my mother in the courtroom, but somehow, she found out I just had a child and has asked my brother about him. My dad thinks she may try to sue me for visitation rights, because that's just the type of person she is. He says she may be granted those rights, because while we don't get along, she's never physically done harm to me. Even ignoring our personal issues, I really don't want her in his life. She wouldn't hurt him, she's just not a stable or reliable person and he wouldn't benefit from having someone so flighty and ensconced in drama around him. Has anyone had any experience with this? Would she really have a case to see my son, in spite of our history?