Should I stay?

A while back, I started dating a guy I went to high school with. In the beginning, it was all perfect. He chased after me and he actually showed me he liked me. After a while though, we admitted to each other that we weren’t feeling it anymore. He even admitted that the chase felt better than the prize. Right after that, I actually started to have crazy deep feelings for him. We broke up for a few months after having a difficult time coping with what seemed to be a misscarriage. He didn’t want the baby because we’re obviously still too young and in college to be dealing with a kid. I agreed, partly, but it was still hard on me because that was basically rejection. I blocked him on social media ( I know, immature.) but that’s what was best for my mental health as I am the most jealous person on earth. I unblocked him on New Years as my resolution and I honestly didn’t think he’d notice. He did. He started to try to crawl back into my life and I accepted him. Fast forward two months: I am crying my eyes out because he doesn’t even wanna see me now. He calls me princess and cutie and then out of nowhere he insults me and ignores me. For weeks, i’ve been waiting for him to ask me to chill and everytime he does, it’s like he changes his mind and makes up excuses for not being able to hang and then he acts like i’m the crazy one for getting mad. I know I should just block him again and try to forget him like I did for months but it’s hard. Why is it that when somebody obviously doesn’t want us, it’s when we want that person the most? I don’t wanna seem like a child by blocking him again. Last message from him was a simple “okay” after ranting to him about why I was angry at the fact that we couldn’t

hang. I honestly just need somebody to talk to about this because I feel like i’d annoy my friends with this difficult whatever it is-ship.