Do you think this is okay?

So my bf is really into wrestling and follows a bunch of wrestling accounts on instagram (some of which i’m following too) and I saw that he was liking photos of girls in bikinis, asses out, posing in lingerie, tits out, exc. (photos are down below⬇️) and It made me feel really uncomfortable and a little insecure. I think that it’s wrong because he has a girlfriend (me) but also he has never been in a relationship before so i’ll give him that.

I’ve talked to him before and told him how I hate when guys do that and I called him out once for following accounts that post specifically women who are naked and are wearing lingerie and he told me it was an accident, that he follows people who follow him back. he unfollowed them and it was all good.

I want to confront him about it but I don’t want to sound like a crazy, jealous and insecure piece of **** girlfriend. so what do you think?

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