I told him he’s the first guy to make me cum, and he got mad at me.

Last night I was talking to my boyfriend and I shared with him that he was the first guy to make me have an orgasm. To my surprise, he got mad at me. He told me not to tell him stuff like that, and I was hurt. It was only the truth, and he didn’t want to listen. It kinda made me not want to talk to him anymore, but I guess he thought I was tryna flatter him or something. I asked if he can’t handle the fact that I’ve had sex with other men he was like “see? yes. Exactly.” Omg. Okay. I apologized but what the hell 😭😭😂😂😂 How can you be mad at that? Fuck he pissed me off so much. It makes me not want to tell him anything anymore !!!!!! UGH! I’m embarrassed and confused and tired of it all. What would you do?