Advice? Similar experience maybe?


So I’m not sure if it’s because the hormones leaving my body or what, and if anyone has advice I’d appreciate it. So...

I had my 2nd son with my amazing boyfriend on the 11th. He has stepped up and become dad to my oldest and he is legit amazing. But he’s going to drive me crazy...

After having our son all I’ve heard is “oh he looks like dad” mostly from his family and friends. Yes I see him in our son but I also see a lot of myself. This is driving me crazy and I just wanna yell “HE LOOKS LIKE ME TOO!” Is this normal?

My second thing, I was discussing with him how different our son is from my oldest as baby’s, my newborn spits up a lot and my oldest didn’t at all, my newborn hates car seats and my oldest didn’t, ect. I’ve always heard every baby is different but it just hit me how true it is. And what do I get from bringing this up from him, “he’s just like my nephew with everything it must be from me and my family.”.....and to this I just wanna say, “HE ISNT YOUR NEPHEW, HE ISNT YOUR SISTERS CHILD JUST STOP!!”

I’m very straightforward and I’m trying to ignore these things and hoping that he’ll realize that things are different but he’s not getting it. I honestly think I may snap if it continues. Does anyone have any advice or a similar experience?