Tummy Flutters(2+ plus moms)

Kaelie • M+K 💏 4/22/2012 💚Talon01/26/11 💜Meikah02/08/15 💙Mikey12/23/15 💛Holden10/02/18

I am pregnant for a 5th time, but it is only my 4th child because my 2nd pregnancy ended in miscarriage. With all of my kids, I didn't noticeably show until I was about 5-6 months along. I have been showing since about 9 weeks. Also didn't feel ANY of my kids flutters or movements till around 18-20 weeks. Well I am almost 16 weeks (this upcoming Tues.) I have been feeling flutters since the end of my 13th week, beginning of my 14th. When did you ladies start feeling the little flutters and which pregnancy were you on?(unless it was your first)