Wish I could leave

My bf is physically & verbally abusive. He thinks he’s not because he doesn’t flat out punch me but he does push me, throw me down, pull my hair, throw stuff at me & spit in my face. He takes my phone so I won’t call anyone & he’ll hide my keys or take my wallet knowing I can’t drive without my license. He calls me all types of mean names, tells me I’m not shit & says I’m a bad mother. I had my daughter 3 weeks ago & I’m currently on unpaid maternity leave. I have no income right now so I can’t move out yet or stay with someone because I don’t have any money. I also don’t want to drag my newborn around or keep ppl up in their homes because she cries a lot. He knows this & uses it to his advantage. While I was pregnant things were ok between us & he agreed to cover all the bills until I returned to work. He has a car & so do I. He paid my car note this month & takes my car everyday now & is saying it’s his. It’s in my name & I put the down payment but he did co sign due to my credit. Also I can’t even go anywhere with the baby because he takes my car with the car seat base in it so I’m stuck home all the time. There’s no intimacy between us, we don’t even sleep together. Idek why I called him my bf, we just live together & have a baby. Because I don’t have any money he tells me I can’t take care of my daughter & how he’s the better parent. I cry sometimes when I’m overwhelmed with her so he makes fun of me for that. But when ppl want to visit, oh he makes it seem like we’re the perfect family & hes daddy of the year. He doesn’t even want to feed or change her sometimes & I have to ask him to watch her just so I can fucking take a shower. He pays bills & thinks that’s all that matters as far as raising her but he has no real interaction with her. Even his days off from work he doesn’t want to deal with her so I get no breaks at all.