Over it. Rant.

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I’m done being pregnant. Can I just have a break?? 😭 35 weeks and I’m just counting down the days for little girl to hurry and get here! I feel like I’ve been pregnant for years y’all. Seriously I was pregnant in the fall of 2015 before I miscarried. Got pregnant in May of 2016 and Baby was born in January of 2017. Then I breastfed for 6 months until the end of July. Then I was pregnant again by September. I just want my body back! My sinuses are so swollen my face hurts, baby girl is so strong her kicks hurt my side, I’m not comfortable sitting or standing or laying down. The heartburn and indigestion are unreal. I’m so tired 😭

I am grateful to be pregnant and be able to carry this little love to term, but I’m so ready to never be pregnant again! ✌🏻