How to be more financially stable? I'm 19.

So I'm 19, my fiancé is 22. I'm a full time college student and he is a plumber. So he's a plumbers assistant right now, and can't take his test until he works there for 2 years. Right now it's been a year. After he gets his plumbing certificate he will make about $20 an hour. Right now he makes $11.

I can't get a job for anything!!! I continuously apply and get some interviews, but since I'm in college full time no jobs want to work around my schedule. 😕 before I started school, it was super easy for me to get a job. I worked since I was 16, until I had to quit due to moving in with my boyfriend and his family.

Well, we literally can't save money for the life of us. We are trying to save up so when I have my associates degree for Office Administration, and he has his plumbing license, then we can get a house. So we are trying to save up as much as possible so by the end of next year we can have atleast a few thousand dollars to help with a down payment.

Also how do you build credit? I'm really new to all of this financial stuff, so I just need advice 😭 I don't want to end up being one of those people that live with the parents for forever because we suck with money