Am I wrong to feel hurt?

Hi all! I just wanted to know if I am wrong for how I feel. I have been with my boyfriend for 9 months and known him for 10. The entire time we have hung out with his guy friends maybe one time. Since then his guy friends have asked him to go on double dates and everytime he tells me about it and he tells me that he will always say no even if I protest. He absolutely refuses to bring me around his friends and even around his family. The last time I saw his family was Christmas <a href="">Eve</a>. I found out I was pregnant 2 months ago. I am three months along and still I have never hung out with his friends anymore. One of his friends even recently had a baby and he didn't ask me to go with him to see the baby. I would understand if I had any issues with his friends but there has never been anything between us let alone us met more than once. Instead he took his other guy friend to go see the baby with him and then messaged me that he was so in love with the baby. Obviously being three months pregnant I am a roller coaster of emotions but I am just so hurt by everything. Every time I feel so strongly about these things he tells me that I am being emotional and that I'm being irrational. Can you please tell me if I am wrong for feeling this way??? :(