Helpp 😐

Y’all I need help. My anxiety is threw the roof with this. It’s literally making me sick which I’m sure is because I’m pregnant. But I wanted to name my child Shylan (it’s a mix of mine and the baby daddy’s name) my mom actually came up with it and I think she was excited we might use it.. well my ex (who we was never official but was on and off for like a year) has a child named “rhylan” and I didn’t know that. My bd and my ex have had their problems together. Like me and my ex’s bm had a kia. And he thought I got it because of her. Well they are back together and engaged And I’m scared it’s gonna start something or they are going to think I stole the name of say im not over him because I used the name and it’s only one letter off. But I also go by Shy so my name is literally in that name. What would y’all do honestly 😩