Scared to M/C

I have been so scared to m/c. In 2016 we experienced a m/c at 8 weeks, we had tests run and it came back as a chromosomal abnormality. We again tried to conceived and about 6 months ago had another M/C this time I am at 4 weeks. I am currently at 4 weeks today. I know that worrying will not help or do anything beneficial, I just feel like every thing that happens I’m concerned it means something.

I have a tingling in my left side which has been going on for about 1-2 days. It is off and on. The biggest thing is when I pee, or stand up to fast I get a pain in my lower left side which subsided after about 10 seconds. The second time I miscarried I had stopped feeling Symptoms, so I knew something was happening.

This time I have slight pain in my boobs (tender), which was the first sign I lost last time. I don’t have nausea but sometimes get a little queasy (my mother always had severe Nausea). I am extremely bloated like cannot button pants I normally can.

I am just scared, because of my previous experiences.

Does anyone have any advice on how not to stress like a mad-woman during this waiting period?