My current transformation pic! 21 pounds down!!

I’ve struggled with my weight for the past 3 years. I used to be 120 and healthy and then life happened. My heaviest was 166(January 1st, 2018) and that’s the week I decided enough was enough. I’ve tried sooooo many times to loose weight but for once I’m actually doing it! I’m 21 pounds down, currently weight 145. Once I hit 136 I’ll be considered a healthy weight for my age/height, but I want to get down to 120 again. It’s crazy to see the results when I compare pictures. I feel so much healthier and a guy from my college class asked me out on a date last week and I actually had sex with him! That is a huge step for me because I hate getting naked because I hated my body!

Also the current pic was taken this morning.