Refuse Bottle


Hi ladies, I have a three month old daughter and she will not take bottles. When she was one month she was ok with it but when I try to give it to her when she was two month she refuse it. I try three different types of bottles with three different nipple. There was one time that she did take it but then she refuse it again...what should I do? I just want to rest sometime and have someone else feed her...It seems to be a waste of my breastmilk every time I let her try is so PAINFUL TO SEE BREASTMILK GO WASTE!! Do any of you maybe have the same problem and have some solution for it??

I forgot to mention, I did let her go hungry for just a bit and see if she takes it and she still don’t. I don’t want let her be hungry for too too long because she is still three months...I am hoping when she gets older she will take bottles but I don’t know (cross my fingers)