Never thought I would cry over a boy😭

I’m 15 turning 16, he’s 16 turning 17. I don’t want anyone being judgemental because of our age but we have had sex. He got me pregnant and I have seen at a sexual health clinic. He wants me to keep the baby because he promised his mum that he would never let a girl have an abortion because his mum goes church. Honestly, I love him so fucking much I don’t want to EVER lose him.

his friend Jay, had previously said to me that Tyrell (my boyfriend) is messing with me and he talks to other girls. So did another friend. I ignored it. He even sent me a video 2 hours ago on snapchat and he recorded him on the phone to another girl and captioned it “always on d phone to girls” He told me that his friends are just jealous. He told jay we are nothing and that we aren’t even together and that he doesn’t mind if Jay messages me.

Also, quite a while back he messaged my friend and didn’t know it was my friend and told her that he wants to go see a movie with her and sent her x’s. He also said he wants to meet up with another one of my friends. He told me he’s sorry and that it’s a “friendly thing”. But when I have a friend who’s a boy, he gets mad at me so I don’t really have any male friends any more and I had to make a new Snapchat account and he has to know everyone I have on snapchat.

He goes to parties with girls and has girls on his snapchat story sometimes like models. He even takes snaps with other girls who I don’t know.

If I ask him who they are, he tells me I’m pissing him off and makes me feel bad.

Also, when I comment on his Instagram pictures he deletes my comments but keeps another girls comment and I don’t know this girl.

Tyrell treats me like shit. Jay even said to me “why you so bothered about a guy who isn’t bothered about you”. I CANT help it!!! Me and Tyrell had an argument over him not caring and he got mad at me last night and we aren’t even talking to eachother at the moment. Its funny because whenever we have an argument I always pop up to him saying sorry and that I love him. EVEN when I say I love you he just goes “yhyh”. 😭 I miss him so much even though it’s only the morning and I love him so much he means everything to me even though I don’t mean everything to him. I care about him much more than anyone else ever. 😭 I havent slept at all, I’ve just been crying.

Please don’t post rude gifs or be rude. Just help. I dont know why to do. Thank u xx