Crying in the Club

There’s this guy that i’ve liked for a while and he likes me a lot but he’s a senior and i’m a sophomore and since he’s going to college soon we both just kind of figured that it’s best we don’t get attached to each other cause it’s really not fair to either of us, but we hadn’t had that whole conversation until tonight and we’d jus been texting and flirting and stuff. So tonight we went on a little first date and got frozen yogurt and drove around my neighborhood (since we live in kind of separate parts of Sacramento) and i showed him the house from Ladybird and he showed me his dream house and it was so so so much fun. But then he drove me home and before i got out of the car he was like so, before you go, i just need to say that this was a lot of fun, but we can’t date. and he kept going on about how much he likes me but it’s not fair to either of us and then i was like yeah i get it totally (because, really, it is for the best as much as it sucks) but then he hugged me like he was never going to see me again and it was so sad (but also a really good hug lol) and then i got of the car and i went in my house and i just cried because i realized that we will never be together and that we’ll never be able to even be friends. if anyone has tips for how to get over someone please let me know