Weird extra skin in vagina

Madison • 16// sc~ Maddie-72

I have something like this it’s like a line in the middle, I had to draw it out for my friend and her mom cause I told my mom and she thinks I’m over exaggerating and all so I told my friends mom and so I had to draw it out

Okay so the picture down below it’s like a middle skin connected to both sides but not like two vaginas cause I have two holes but it’s the same hole like I can stick a finger under it and like goes around to the other side. When I try using a tampon like I have to put it in one side of the other and sometimes it gets stuck and the skin will go and wrap around it kinda and hurts but I can find something to demonstrate if nobody can understand my picture😂

I just kinda want some help I would ask if there’s anyone I can like show to without being weird lol but everyone will be over dramatic and say I’m a weirdo or something but yeah no mean comments just helpful ones please and thank you