due date baby! Epidural was my best friend btw

Things did not exactly go smoothly with our little girl, but we got through it. I had contractions all weekend that would start out then hit the 5 minutes mark and stop. Last night, I woke up to a pop sound and felt the gush of water. I called l&d;, my husband, and my mom. The hospital was an hour and a half away so we got going. My contractions started at 2-4 minutes apart at 11pm and stayed that way all the way until 5 am when my doctor told me we needed to start pitocin because nothing was changing. At this point I'm tired and hurting and get IV meds. 2 hours on the pitocin and nothing changed except the intensity of the contractions. So I asked for the epidural and they increased the pitocin. Finally I got dilated to a 9 at around noon. But when i went to push, she was face up and hung up on my cervix so they had to use the suction to get her out and manually manipulate the shoulders. 14 hours of labor and finally out came my 8 pound 11 ounce, 21 1/2 inch baby girl.