EDIT: Is this a good reason to break up with my SO?

So, Im sick with the flu at home and he has my car (took it to go to work) i havent eaten shit all day because i cant go anywhere and theres nothing here and my point here is he NEVER thinks to ask me if i want anything to eat or asks if i ate. Hell ALWAYS come home with food from our job (we work in a restaurant) and then ill be like..oh? Tf. And hell tell me hell split it with me and give me a little bit of his food like im a fucking dog. But GET THIS hell run around the restaurant all day looking for peoples leftovers that he can bring home FOR OUR ACTUAL DOG. He just called and told me hes stopping at chipotle real quick to eat n then hell be home. Didnt ask me if i want anything! Ive addressed this many times to him and he STILL doesnt think. I just find it super inconsiderate especially because when we have groceries i cook for him EVERY NIGHT and fix his plate for him and when hes at home all day and im working i ask him if he ate ext ect. Like i feel like i have to fucking train him to be my boyfriend. Its ridiculous! Im actually considering breaking up with him because its a real deal breaker for me to have someone who can never think of me and only thinks of them-self like that. Am i being unreasonable? There is no talking to him about it because I’ve talked to him a million times about it and he still doesn’t get it. Im just over it.

EDIT: since some of you aren’t understanding why I’m fed up. I ASK HIM and he still “forgets” he just doesn’t want to spend any of his money on me. I literally told him before he left the house AND texted him and he STILL does nothing. Yes I’m a grown ass woman and I’m TIRED of having to ask a million times just to get him to do something so simple. I just want him to think of me on his own like how he thinks about the damn dog. Im sure if your SO was treating a dog better than you you’d feel some type of way too.