Due august 2nd

Okey so I’m 18 yes Im a young mom. But I’m so nervous 😭I love this baby so much I’m 27 weeks 5 days idek if the baby is a girl or boy but the lady from my ultrasound said it “looks” like a girl because apparently her legs were crossed and we couldn’t really see. Well anyways I’ve seen so many stories on here about so many things happening to healthy women and they’re babies come out still born or something about the cord around they’re neck or too early and I’m so nervous I’m so scared I feel like no one understands me. For every little thing I get scared I don’t even think I’ve experienced Braxton hick contractions cause of what other ppl say that they’re kinda painful or like my bump is small is that normal? Sometimes my belly is soft or sometimes it’s hard the baby doesn’t really move durin the day but she moves a little bit more at night and it only lasts for A few minutes what Can i do so she would move more?I’m so scared I want my baby here already


okey so the reason for my anxiety and all this stress is because I was expecting twins and I had a hematoma and I lost the second baby but I found out at 13 weeks that I had two sacks and that was the reason for all my bleeding and cramping.