i was in cheer last yr and my coach had a major problem w me leaving early or coming late bc of cross country meets or practices and i had to sit out of both at the end of the season bc i have a stress fracture and she wasnt too happy about that either and she acts like were just friends arguing but i dont want to argue w her but im not just gonna let her be hateful to me like today we started practices for tryouts (for next yr) and i texted her and told her i had a dr appointment at a better doctor for my foot on thursday bc she asked me to tell her when my appointment was as soon as i knew and she texted back telling me to cancel it but u cant just cancel an appointment like that bc my cross country coach had to talk to a trainer that comes to our school once a week so that the trainer could get an appointment so i was like i realy have to cancel it and she said yes u do and started getting really mad at me but i cant do anything about when my appointment is and my mom said were not canceling it sooo should i even do cheer next yr or should i let this be the end??

ps i thougt about quitting a few times last yr bc of how she acts towrds me w cross country bc theres a girl in softball that misses and she’s completely fine w it