Me and my boyfriend started off having protected sex, and when we would mess up and go without a condom we would buy a plan b (like three or four times). We started talking about it after another “slip up” one time and decided that getting another plan b just didn’t feel right. We knew that we were both making the decision to not use birth control and that it could and would lead to pregnancy and we were okay with that. We stopped buying plan b’s and began ttc, having sex at least three or four times a week and even three or four times in a day sometimes. We picked out cute baby names and just assumed I was pregnant when I was a couple days late for a period... then my period came and we were both pretty upset. We have been having on going non protected sex now for probably around three months and I keep getting my period.

I was upset at first but am now starting to realize that maybe me and my boyfriend are not in the best position to have a child. I have had him start using protection again. I am grateful that I am not pregnant but I can’t stop thinking about the fact that I was trying to get pregnant and could not. People say it takes some couples months to conceive but others end up pregnant on a one night stand.. I just don’t get it 🤦‍♀️