First Mother’s Day

So it’s my first Mother’s Day. Baby is 3 weeks old today. My fiancé took the whole weekend off to make it special since it’s my first. However he hasn’t done shit. He slept in while I was up earlier with the baby. I had to run to target to get more diapers while baby slept and he did whatever. Get home, had to make breakfast for us myself because he was getting cuddles in with our little girl (which I don’t mind), and he’s been napping the rest of the day while I’ve been attending to our daughter and doing laundry. (And he told me to nap since I’m tired and I’m like I’d love to, but between laundry and our daughter cluster feeding and taking minuscule naps, I can’t). And I’d like to get up and do the breakfast dishes but if I do I know he’ll say something like “I was gonna do those, don’t say I don’t help”. And I have to go to the grocery store to pick up a couple things and I’m deciding if I want to bring the baby with me or let him deal with her for 20 minutes.

Thanks for the great first Mother’s Day 😐👍🏼 (really wishing he didn’t take today off because I could’ve been more productive without him here).