Hi I’m the one who inhaled a centipede today

I posted earlier and I was really, REALLY upset. I’m going to explain this again, because I still can’t believe it happened and I just need to talk about it and the last time I did I was rambling. I was told today “if something is possible and bad, it happens to you” by a coworker 😑

I needed to use my inhaler so I went and got it off my dresser in my bedroom, it’s a new inhaler and the cap was on it.

I didn’t even think about it I just grabbed it and used it and inhaled something big..I started to cough and I expected it to just come up but it didn’t.

Then.. I felt it move.. it wiggled in my windpipe and that’s when I realized what I just inhaled was a live god damn creature. I really thought maybe it was like paper or a piece of plastic I don’t know. so when I realized that I started to gag and cough uncontrollably and hack like I was dying, leaned over grabbing my throat.

And that’s when I finally felt it shoot out of my throat.. it slapped to the ground. It was a centipede. A big, nasty and fat centipede. It was alive and whole and because I was so horrified I just watched it crawl under my dresser. Added: I can’t explain to you the horror i felt when I saw it. I had tunnel vision when I saw it. maybe that was a mix of suffocation and horror but shit who cares.

I was scared to death so I called my doctor just to ask if I was okay. I’m fine. He said that if part of it was stuck I would be coughing up a lung still. Since I’m asthmatic and have really shitty lungs it wouldn’t be okay to just leave it so he told me to pay attention. He was just as horrified as I was when I told him what happened he was like “oh my god. I’m sorry”

I’m just sore right now.. my chest hurts and It feels like I’m losing my voice. I think the part that was so fucking awful was that it felt stuck and I had to cough and hack so hard that now it feels like someone scratched my windpipe with sandpaper. And I’m stupidly emotional about it... it ruined my whole damn day.

So hi I inhaled a centipede today and I’m traumatized.

Someone said we eat bugs all the time. I know that. If I had eaten a bug I’d be grossed out but not as freaked out..I inhaled this one..and it was stuck.. and alive and wiggling in my body

I guess now I guess I should take the time to say you should check your inhalers before using them. Even if they’ve had a cap on.

This is a true ass story. It has ruined my whole day and I’ve been trying not to cry over it. Im sorry if it bothers you but I’m more bothered because it was me.

And the title gives a clue

And if anyone is willing to come hunt the creature that violated me today feel free.

I just want to curl up in a ball and cry.