Betrayed by a friend...?


So I’ll try to make this as short as possible. I was seeing this guy for about a week until yesterday. In 7 days we have been on 3 super long dates and have been really getting along great. My friend invited me to her campus for a get together and asked me to bring him so she could meet him. She’s my best friend or was. She had seen pictures of him and would always say how hot he is. And he is hot. So I brought him and introduced him to her and I left the room for a min to get cups for drinks for the party. When I came back a few mins later everything seemed normal and I brought him to the lounge with my other friends. We stayed there for a few hours before my “best friend” came back because she was finishing school work. When she walked into the room again his whole demeanor changed. The guy that was once super flirty with me and sweet PHYSICALLY got up and moved a seat away from me. He entertained her most of the night and she texted me and said “wow I see why you like him”. I texted her back and said that he was flirting with her which she responded “I’ll keep my distance.” Maybe 30 mins went by and I decided I wanted to leave because I didn’t feel comfortable. She talked to me privately and I told her that he’s an ass hole for flirting with my best friend and she responded with “I love you and would never get with him plus you know I have a boyfriend”. Before I left I took him outside to talk and he “reassured” me that he wants to see where me and him go and that he’s just being nice. Either way he was so awful flirting with her that I blocked his number before I got back to my house and texted my friend joking saying “you can have him lol”. It was around 1 am that I went home and fell asleep. I woke up at 3 am to a text from my best friend saying “he put his tongue down my throat and I put my tongue down his. Must of been all the alcohol and sexual frustration” I was PISSED. I cussed her out for being a traitor and getting with a guy that I literally was JUST seeing and also seeing a guy that bluntly disrespected me to get with her at a party I INVITED HIM TO. she is saying it’s my fault for saying she can have him. But I seriously was joking because she has a boyfriend. It’s not that I want him because I don’t. It’s because I would never touch a guy that ditched my best friend for me. I feel like the loyalty and trust for our friendship is gone so I told her that we are no longer friends. Was I wrong? Is it my fault? Feel free to ask questions because I left a lot out.