I dont know what to do anymore.


I mean look at this chart. We've had sex once, ONCE this whole month. He just doesn't have a sex drive. I know he loves me, I don't doubt that. But he doesn't have physical needs, or if he does he doesn't act on them. I had to guilt trip him into this one BD we did have. How are we supposed to start a family if we don't do the deed? I'm at my wit's end. First he wants kids, then he doesn't think we can afford it, then he's back on board after I have a melt down over it. He wants me to be happy and he does a great job, but he's out of work because of seizures, doesn't want to have sex and when we BD it's me doing most of the work most of the time. How do I tell him he needs to do something about this? How do you tell him he should see a doctor? If we don't have sex we don't make babies. If we don't have sex I'm gonna go nuts. I can't always be the dominant one and initiate because I'm the "take me" type. I feel like I'm wasting away in this barren desert of sexlessness.