Job advice

My husband works in the backyard for the oil field. He works 2 weeks gone and 1 week home. He works in wv and we live in Ohio. So he’s completely gone for the 2 weeks. We also have a 4 year old daughter. Which recently she’s been missing daddy and has been getting upset when he leaves for his 2 weeks. Today he texted me asking if he should take this other job. It’s actually on the rig itself. The good things is he would work 2 weeks but be home for 2 weeks. The thing is it’s harder work ( which he wouldn’t care) and a 1,000 pay cut. This would still let us pay the bills and have a decent amount of extra money. He makes 5 a month with this job now and would move down to 4 a month. You would support your husband right? The last job he had was like the one he has now and he got super depressed and mean because he missed seeing us. I don’t want that to happen. His happiness means more to me than money. I told his mom and all she seemed to care about was the pay cut and our daughter will adjust to him being gone. He’s been here almost a year and just started to get upset when he leaves. Tell me I’m not wrong with being happy for him even if it’s a pay cut? 😩