In need of relationship advice..

My boyfriend and I have been dating about a year. It’s a pretty serious relationship and we’re about to move in together next month. So flash back to my past, every guy I’ve dated (my past 3 boyfriends and every guy I’ve ever seriously talked to) has cheated on me. I truly never thought I would date a guy that would actually treat me right and stay faithful (I know I pick the bad ones 🙄). Anyway, my boyfriend is amazing and has never done one thing to question my trust in him.. but I still find myself being nervous he is going to cheat on me when he goes out with the boys or is just out drinking in general. He gets upset at me knowing I don’t fully trust him when I ask him for reassurance. Is that a valid reason for him to get upset at me for? Or am I just crazy and am ridiculous for thinking he’s going to do something shady behind my back anytime I’m not there? Should I even be moving in with this man if I don’t fully trust him?

I DO trust him that he’s not going to deliberately cheat on me, otherwise I would not be dating him in the first place. I just get nervous he’s going to get drunk and do something stupid. Someone help my annoying, overthinking self 🙄