Boyfriend trouble

Okay so I had a few friends over the other weekend,boys and girls, I told my boyfriend to come but he said he had to pick his little brother up from school but then snapchatted me saying he was on fortnite with someone I really hate because he was a dick to my bestfriend. I put a video of my guy friend on my story which everyone found funny but my boyfriend had a problem with it because I was sat next to him on my sofa. Thing is though this boy has a girlfriend of a year which everyone knows about and everyone knows about me and my boyfriend. We argued for ages about it as I thought he was over reacting. Then today he started acting up doing everything he knows will annoy me such as going on live on Instagram with other girls. Then started laughing when I told him I was annoyed saying I’m just being difficult and extra. Really dont know what to do help me ASAP xx