Bad Environment

Me and my husband finally found a house. We’re 35 weeks pregnant but our closing date on the house in June 15th. Then there are at least 3 weeks of work that need done on it after closing and we can’t live there while the work is being done because of all the dust and noise. So we’ll have to live at my husband’s grandparent’s house and it’s not safe for a newborn. There is mold in the basement and the bathroom, the kitchen cabinets and counters have mouse poop on them, their dogs pretty much go to the bathroom where ever they want and they shed a ton. Dirty dishes and old food are constantly piled up in the kitchen and you can’t sit down anywhere because there is so much stuff EVERYWHERE in this house. Everywhere you look there are piles of dog hair and dirt because they don’t clean and I physically can’t because of how much pain I’ve been in. I’m wanting to prepare for the baby getting here but can’t because even if I did clean it would be a mess again in a matter of days. 😫 I’m just panicking really badly right now and I have clinically diagnosed OCD which is making me feel like pulling my hair out every time I see the inside of this house. I don’t know what to do.

Edit: we are working on thoroughly cleaning the house room by room before the baby gets here. I can’t move in with my parents because they don’t have any room and we can’t afford a hotel or motel.