Doctor said my baby is over weight

How much did your babies weigh at around 9 weeks or are weighing at 9 weeks. My daughter weighed 7 lb 6 oz when she was born and weighs 11.2 now, is that too much? He said to only feed her 2oz of formula every 3 hours even if shes crying, but i feel bad knowing my baby is still hungry so i let her drink until shes full which is usually 3 oz - 3.5. Am i overfeeding her??


Thank you ladies! I feel so much better! I will continue to feed my baby whenever she is hungry and eat as much as she wants😄

Ive been looking into new doctors because he literally blames everything on how much i feed her. but everyone where i live has horrible reviews ☹️ i think its where im from that people just dont care about their jobs. Even the hospitals and Emergency rooms are horrible here. Her pediatrician is where i did my clinical hours for college and i only took her there because i knew the staff was great (which is rare here). There was a different doctor there when i was there.

I think the doctor is so caught up on the weight because of the area where we live. If you google “most obese areas in the U.S.” We come up either number 4,3, or 2 on most list.

On this list we’re number 3. Its south texas so we eat a lot of tortillas lol. I wish i could say thats a joke but its not. So many people here just don’t know how to eat and what to eat to be healthy. We’re also high on the list for diabetes.

Anyways, i dont think he should be so concerned about babies though. Theyre growing and need to eat when they are hungry.

I think the concerns for obesity should start when they start eating solids. But if they’re eating what theyre suppose to then there still shouldn’t be a problem when gaining weight. As long as they arent sweets and things like that.

I want to teach my baby to eat her fruits and veggies and eat healthy home cooked meals (unlike my husband who is skinny but eats tortillas and drinks coke at every meal🙄). But unfortunately a lot of people where i live not a lot of people think like that 😐