Thank you all for being so helpful and making me feel more at ease. I really felt abandoned by my doctor and you girls really made me get through this. I’m glad to say that after 16 days of heavy bleeding and a few very rough nights of passing clots, and extreme cramping, that it’s finally over! I waiting a few days to say anything because I was worried I’d get relieved and then it would come back, I’m silly. Anyway, I know I didn’t comment back to all of you but wanted to say again thank you for you’re support and I did end up taking a pregnancy test just to be on the safe side (it was negative). Then I just layed low with heat on and Tylenol every few hours and prayed it would stop soon. After over a week of trying to get hold of my ob, she finally wrote me a message just saying “not normal for the much pain”. Very helpful... Anyway, I trust myself and my body and you all better than doctors most of the time. Hopefully the worst of it is over! Just put my second ring in today. Fingers crossed😖🤞🏽

Thanks again ladies, you’re all so kind🖤