Spends like he's rich

So, I moved back with my son's father who lived 7.5 hrs away from where we both are from. I wanted my son to have a father. So, when i got here 3 months ago his house was NASTY like holes in the floor, 150 yrs old, when the wind blew the whole house got cold even if the heat was on 80. So, I moved us out of there into a place that's only 600 a month. He makes 1000 a month after taxes. He started being mean to me when I moved us and really disrespectful. I asked him to find a better job or to get a set schedule because I can't work with the random schedule he gets. I have a medical assistant degree that I can use but he doesn't want me to. Last month he started buying a bunch of stuff like game systems, eating out (we have food stamps so there's no reason to eat out). He thinks he can raise a family of 3 on 1000 a month and thinks I'm crazy for saying we can't. I want to have money saved, security ya know? He always calls his family to say that im stealing his money. He tore the WHOLE house up looking for some money that I did not take and refused to clean it up. When there is a little food left over i put it aside for my son for the next day and he will eat it up. I could go on but rent is late (3 days) and I thought he paid it. He told me he doesn't have rent money anymore. He wants me to use 170 to out towards rent and I can't it is for my car insurance and a pack of diapers. I am thinking about taking my son's toddler bed back to walmart and using that to have gas/toll money to get back to my home state. Be careful to believe people when they say they have changed.