extremely low baby

Dana • first time mommy to our beautiful baby girl Bentley, due June 16 2018💗👶🏼 • stepmommy to the sweetest little girl, Brooklyn💗👧🏼 • with the love of my life, Brent💏💍

today i was told that my baby extremely low for being my first...i don’t even know what to take from the nurse & my ob saying that😅

i’m 38 weeks, 5 days so i’m really trying to wrap my head around this news...

good thing? bad thing? am i in for a quick labor and only a few pushes?

may be a long shot as they said they’ve never really seen a first time mom have such a low baby...but anyone else every been told the same thing???

picture for attention...i had this ultrasound taken today and can’t get over her cute little kissy face😍