Which Names?


Which name/combo do you like best of these? What name/combo do you like the least? Why?

Novianna Danielle-Imani Berwanger

Amoriella Nae-Imani Berwanger

Ezrianna (or Ezriella) Freedom-Heart Berwanger

Callaluna (or Carelya) Frances-Jovie Berwanger

Jovianna Rosalie-Unica Berwanger

Kalyanna Naelani-Estelle Berwanger

Azucena Carelya-Kerenza Berwanger

2 middle names is a must.

Last name is Berwanger.

Okay so for a little background.

NDB is DH's and DD initials.

EFB is late FIL initials.

CFJB is my initials.

Carelya is a name that he used in a story for his daughter many years ago.

Frances is late FIL middle name (Frank is my dad's name)

Freedom is a name my mom once dreamt about for a granddaughter.

Faith is one of my middle names and Imani means Faith.

Daniel is DH middle name.

Nae is DH nickname.

Unica is because my daughter NNed this baby Unicorn Princess