So I’ve been married for almost 3 years now (July 26th) and you know we’ve have our ups and downs. We’ll have a really good few weeks to a few months without any problems then hit a rut. Lately, I’ve been feeling like...I dunno...like I’m just sitting on a shelf right now, I’m in the background, especially when we’re with his friends. ESPECIALLY when his best friend’s wife is around, she’s just a little too comfortable around my husband and says things that makes everyone uncomfortable like, “If me and Jacob ever get divorced I’m going for Patrick.” Or “I think we married the wrong people!” He doesn’t flirt back, but he doesn’t really make an effort to stop her and tell her to knock it off. I just don’t feel like I’m a high priority...am I selfish for thinking that? Like when I suggest we move out of state so that we can get a cheaper place to live and save up for a few years. I completely understand his hesitation and not want to be too far from his bff, but just the way he says it makes me feel like I’m on the back burner. He’ll say it like, “We can NEVER move too far from my best friend.” I just feel like “the wife” rather than a best friend or anything, hell he even calls his bbf’s wife a “best friend”. Aren’t I suppose to be at least a really close friend?....I’ve brought up all this before but...it stills really upsets me. I also feel like he thinks I’m stupid and gets mad at me for asking for help or when I don’t understand something (like something with computers) even when I’m patient and wait for him to have a moment to help me...I dunno...I also suffer from really bad depression and anxiety..so maybe it’s that just amplifying things.


So we talked about things last night and resolved everything. We also had some pretty amazing sex 😄