3rd miscarriage


Hello if you’re reading this. Today I experienced my 3rd miscarriage. I don’t understand why this keeps happening to me. The first was in 2015 a missed miscarriage at 9weeks 5days. Had a D&C; for that one. Was trying since with no luck then April I had found out I was pregnant again finally ended may 3 they ruled it a chemical miscarriage. Was told it’s okay to continue trying and fell pregnant in my May cycle everything was going well until today where I have had a full miscarriage.

I feel hopeless. I just don’t know why this keeps happening to me. And why drs wait until your 3 miscarriages in before they want to send you to get help. This is just torture.

Sorry for bringing all this to the form. I just sometimes feel I have no one to talk to l, no one that can relate. Everyone is always maybe it’s not meant to be, your time will come.

I just wish my time will come and stick I’m so afraid to even try again because I’m so scared this will all happen again. How can one that has this always happening ever be able to enjoy pregnancy if they will always be scared not trying to get attached to end up broken again. I’m just overwhelmed.