My daughters father

We only hooked up a few times, and even though I had an iud, I ended up getting pregnant. My daughter is almost two now, and she is my entire life:) Her father, however, is a different story. He was not happy when I told him that I was pregnant, he did come to see her in the hospital when I had her, but since then has only seen her a few times. He hasn’t even told his family about her. Makes hardly any effort. And because he signed his name to her birth certificate, he pays child support. I don’t actually need money from him, I mean I work part time, and I live with my current boyfriend, who has a great job. When I get child support, it goes straight towards my daughters diapers, food, and anything else she needs. But I don’t need it from him, I’ve never made it seem that way, never hounded him for it. But yes, I’ve used it.

Any way, so today I get a text from him, saying that his child support bills are basically crushing him, that he only signed his name to her birth certificate because I practically forced him into it, as a way to “ease my conscience” for sleeping around. Which is NOT true. Then he told me that he wants to denounce his parental rights, because he claims I lied to him, and my daughter isn’t even his anyway.

He then ended it all by saying he wants to see her when I’m in town.

Now, I really don’t care if he wants to sign away his rights, that’s his choice and if he doesn’t want to know her, then he’s the one missing out. But the way he said things was just so rude and immature, and I don’t even know what to say to him? Help?