I'm literally so dumb

Lydia • .

So before we get into my dumb story fair to start off I'm asexual homoromantic. Okay so I was hanging out with my mom (like a loser) and we were walking around the mall here. It was a Saturday so there were a lit of kids my age. Also a softball game just got done I assume because there were girls in uniforms. So I was having a great time. (No I wasn't checking out their butts I'm ace no some were just aesthetically pleasing). So I walking down and I come into full eye contact with this gorgeous blond and she checked me out severely. So naturally my brain was like "WINK YOU GAY WINK" but then my anxiety kicks in and is like "Oh no we are not doing that she might think we want to do stuff with and we don't no look away". So I look away like an idiot. I'm so angry with myself 🙃