My mum needs all your prayers

Gina_Mum of 🧒👧👦👼👼🐕

Sunday My cus comes over with her kids and we talked until nearly 4.00pm. I was so shocked that afternoon, I’d known Mum had gone for ultrasounds etc and scans and tests and she’d said it was “all fine” so I wasn’t going to worry my 23 week preg self, she pulls out the report and says they’ve found fibroids on her uterus and a cyst in the back. Apparently left ovary us fine and the right is playing up or vice versa. I told my husband and he said she just didn’t want me to feel down or stressed over it and that’s why she’d lied and never told me. So I guess it’s up to the hospital what decision they will make she could need surgery like last time and they added the mirena. All driving this afternoon home I had her in my thoughts and called my mum in law, she told me u guys are going to Repent Australia bring her with you to the healing mass. Have them pray for her. So I’m asking you all she’s 56 years young... thank you.