My first time in Vegas #Vegasbaby


So I’m in Las Vegas with the girls a couple weeks ago. All our hubbys were home with the kids (thank you for awesome husbands!) when we all started getting drunk on our 54th floor balcony of our hotel rooms.

Girls had a great idea to strip and take sexy photos out on the balcony.

So I was all like “hell yeah! It’s my first time in Vegas! Let’s get naughty!!!”

So we’re all either naked or mostly naked, out on the balcony of the Cosmopolitan, drunker than a skunk when it comes up to my turn....

So I lean my body up on the railing. I’m posing and sticking my ass out everywhere. I laid down on the patio funtirure with my tits hanging out while holding a cigarette, trying to be cool and pin up doll looking...when it happens....

My head was leaned over the railing and someone up top throws a lite cigarette down, yelling at us to turn out music down (it’s 3am) and the FUCKING LITE CIG LANDS IN MY HAIR AND STARTS A SMALL HAIRBALL 🔥!!!

So my ass is burning and panicking but I’m also wasted and so are the girls. So we ended up running around the 6ftx6ft balcony screaming at 3am until someone decided to throw their jalapeño pineapple infused margarita on my head to see if it would help.

Luckily it did. But there was still the smell of burnt hair for a little bit afterwards.

Anyways...I ended up passing out on the balcony. Half in the room and half out. Naked, afraid, and alone the next morning, I woke up a trashed hotel room, my first hangover, and a every one of my girlfriends were all pasted out every other place but the beds.

And that’s how I popped my Las Vegas cherry the very first night there.

.......I would have to say...Vegas did me right.

So heres the picture taken before I leaned my head out over the trailing and was made into a human torch.