My husband and I have recently (in the last two months) decided to start trying for baby number two. Our first child was an “oopsy baby”.... So planning is all very new to me. Like, ovulation and tracking cycles, etc. however, my period is about 2-4 days away; like clockwork. I thought I was getting my period yesterday (ended up being spotting) — which caught me way off guard (as I said, like clockwork)... getting it a week early!? After chatting to a nurse friend; she mentioned it could be “implantation bleeding” - which ended up being me falling down a rabbit hole of googling early pregnancy symptoms. And I feel like I’ve got most of them; tiredness, mood swings, unsettled stomach, I’m breaking out on my face and just eating anything and everything in sight. I did a test earlier today, but it was negative.

Am I best off waiting until after I’m meant to get my period?!

As I said... this is all verrry new to me...