Boyfriend mentions he “can’t wait til the day” we have a baby together, I want one so bad

Multiple times my boyfriend has mentioned he can’t wait until the day we can have a baby, & always smiles at & points out cute kids when we’re out in public, & I can’t get having a baby with him off my mind

We have been together for almost 4 years now & are in our early twenties. In the 2nd year of our relationship I happened to get pregnant & we were unable to keep it due to being in college still & having no steady jobs, however he told me when we found out that it was exciting to him still although he knew it wouldn’t be fair to bring a child into our busy & messy lives at the time. He was unbelievably supportive & held himself together around me, but his mom told me one day when he was really upset that he told her what happened (weeks/months later) & that it just gets him down when he thinks about it. It’s been 2 years since & he hasn’t mentioned it much but does seem interested in kids.. he even said one day recently “I would have kids now if I just had the money”

& honestly, we could afford it if we tried - he tends to spend his money freely at the moment because there is nothing to pay for besides his phone bill & his parent’s low rent fee for him staying there for now.

Basically, I would love to move out with him & start a new chapter, try living on our own together & saving money together in hopes a baby would be a good possibility soon if i happened to get pregnant - so the advice I’m looking for is, how can I convince him to step out of his comfort zone of being at home & starting our next chapter that we talk so much about ?

Thanks girls 💕 sorry for the novel 😜