I need support in some way..

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I moved to Colorado March 2018, just 1 month after finding out i was pregnant due to my baby daddy laying hands on me

And he did this to me while i was 8 weeks pregnant, also slammed my head into the wall..I stayed with my brother in Colorado after he bought me a plane ticket, but him and his wife we're also abusive towards each other, so i left and went to a shelter. June 2018 my baby daddy calls and says he's getting deported back to Jamaica, and he was upset that he never got to bond with his unborn kids, considering the fact that i also got turned down for an apartment and didn't want to stay in a shelter anymore to raise myself or children, and i wasn't sure when i would be told to leave, i chose to come back to Texas, not only to try to help him, but also because my mom and other family is down here. I get down here and within 6 days, i go into early labor at 22w6d and 2cm dilated. Im currently being hospitalized and now at 24w3d with twin boys. I came down to Colorado with $233 dollars in my pocket, after being considerate and trying to help my baby daddy, i now have nothing. Me and my baby daddy had been arguing and i asked him to bring me my birth certificate and the rest of my baby stuff so i can be done with him, turns out he wont do it because he doesn't want me to take the kids away.. He also wont pay me back either. I reached out to my mom, the same person who told me she would take me in, turns out she wouldn't even help me. Now im stuck.. What do i do?.. I had everything situated for me in Colorado as far as baby stuff, now i barely have anything. I don't want to loose my children, i have full motivation to pull myself out of this situation, I just dont know where to begin.. Please throw your best advice at me.