Anyone have deployment canceled? Help!

This is super weird question but my husband is on a list to be deployed. Hes national guard so not active duty. It’s only a small number of members from his unit, so not the whole unit.

He’s been told for months that he might be going, might not be going (because he needed to re enlist or his contract would end before the deployment was over) Well he didn’t want to go, but his command told him he was going either way whether he re enlisted or not so he re enlisted for a small amount of time just to complete the deployment.

Now, he leaves in less than two weeks and none of our benefits have been put in place. Tricare and dental is still charging us for reserve and hasn’t switched over to prime. They told us no orders have been put in for my husband, but every other guy going has had orders for a few months now with all of their active duty benefits.

No one is helping us and all of my husbands contacts say they will look into it but they haven’t or they say they aren’t sure what’s going on. I’m getting really frustrated because i didn’t want my husband to leave in the first place since we have a new baby but i understood he had to if they made him. Now I’m so confused since he has no orders?!

Is there a chance they just knocked him off the list? I’m so stressed about it