Long post, but need relationship advice 😔

I met my boyfriend a little over a year ago, and he wasn’t my “type” but I gave him a chance, and it was 6 months of pure bliss. He treated me like a princess, he brought me tea in the morning when I didn’t feel good, and he even took a week off of work to take care of me after I had hip surgery and let me live with him since I had trouble getting around the first month, plus while I was off work he helped me pay some bills. He was the kindest person I have ever met, we went on vacation together in March, and planned on moving in together in April.

When we had come home from vacation, he had left his phone unlocked while he was sleeping (I never went through it, or asked to because I trusted him) anyway, curious of what I might find I started looking and found he had a girl on Snapchat (they were each other’s #1 best friends) and had her name saved as a guys name. Then I found the screenshots, of some girl sending nudes and provocative messages.

He swore up and down she was the only one, I had no other choice but to move in with him so I decided I would forgive him and we would work through it.

Then a month later I found a message on his FB and it was sexting this other girl for the length of our relationship, and planning to meet and have sex. Idk if they ever did, and now he swears that there was only 2 girls.

We were supposed to go to counseling this week, but a big part of me (I have been cheated on a lot) wants to just walk away, because I know I didn’t deserve this.

We keep arguing about little things and I know its stemming from me being upset about his infidelity.

I just don’t know if I could forgive him, but he’s begging me to at least come to one counseling session.

What’s a girl to do 😩