My heart is broken... 💔


Me and my fiancé have been together since January 2015. We had a baby in January 2018. I’ve been trying so hard to make things work but I don’t know if I can anymore.

He is constantly lying to me and going behind my back. In November while I was pregnant I found out he was talking to another girl. I confronted him about his texts being high on our bill and he looked me in the eyes and swore he wasn’t talking to anyone. I finally found text records and had proof. He was also smoking weed behind my back at the time.

In March I found old messages between him and his ex. He had been talking to her and sneaking around with her for the first 6+ months me and him were together. All that time he was living in my house and I was taking care of their daughter.

For the first year and a half of our relationship and he messaged other girls while I wasn’t around and then would erase them. But I found out about it.

Today I found out that he has gotten about $100 from someone and kept it from me and was spending it on himself. We have been struggling financially and I’ve been borrowing money for formula for our baby. I confronted him and he screamed at me for being mad at him.

I’ve been sitting here crying because I’m so tired of him breaking my head over and over again. I love him but he is selfish and a liar. He makes me feel crazy because when he messes up he screams at me for being mad. He thinks I should let it all go because most of it is old stuff but when it repeats over and over it’s hard to let go. The examples I gave were only some of many things he has done.