8 weeks - severe anxiety


I’m considering having an abortion while there’s still time because of how severe this anxiety has become. I read it could be pregnancy depression but I’m so anxious I don’t know what to do with myself. I can barely work, sleep, and function. I don’t take medications and wouldn’t even if they prescribed me some for risks of becoming dependent on them.

I remember wanting this baby so much but I just want the overwhelming thoughts to stop that I can’t even make decisions properly.

This is my first pregnancy and I think I’m not prepared financially or emotionally. However, before this anxiety I was so confident it wouldn’t matter cause I would do what I needed to care for this baby and give it the best life possible. So I’m not sure what happened to this confidence.

If anyone can give me advice I would be so grateful. Does the anxiety stop? Has someone else experienced this bad of anxiety in their 1st trimester?